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 24 september 2018

Who we Are

We are the gardening company for everyone who desires personal involvement and quality.
Our foundation was built in 1989 and extended in 2009. We move along to the requirements
of this day and age, and innovate again and again. On average, ten people are working in
gardens, while five people man the office. Every spring, we increase our field service to
about 19 people, by flexibly hiring staff: the business operations of modern time. We always
hire experts who love gardening. This is how we ensure quality. Our focus is the customer’s
garden experience, whether the green space is small or large.

What we do

When we create a new garden, we are often the last contractor after the builder’s company.
Our services are at the bottom of the list. This requires being flexible in planning and budget
considerations. When renovating a garden, creativity is expected in playfully converting
existing spaces. In the case of maintenance, small or large, our love for this business is truly
apparent. We know what we do and we listen to your wishes. But we also provide a vision,
for the long term as well. We visit you in person, offer advice of create a sketched design and
a non-committal quotation. The lines are short and the communication is clear. “So far, so
good”. Except for your time, you don’t have to spend anything yet.

Where we work

The new business premises contains our office and workshop, and has been located in the
Oudkarspel business park Breekland since the end of 2009. Everyone works from this base in
a green and organized manner. The business park is easily accessible from Amsterdam-
Schagen at the N245 way. Our working area comprises North Holland, from Schagen to
Amsterdam, with the Bergen region as our preferred location.

What we create

We provide custom garden creation and maintenance. An hourly rate does not provide any
information on the quality of the work. What kind of quality is delivered in that hour, is the
question you need to ask. Customisation from quotation to final delivery.
In everything we do, create and deliver, we are flexible and all-round. Both in garden
creation (small or large) and in maintenance, for private and business customers. We
provide a vision, an experience and always a well thought out plan.

Lets meet!

Frank Blom Hoveniers in a nutshell. We don’t know you, but would like to invite you for
coffee and introductions in Oudkarspel at Berrie 6. We will show you our organisation as
well as examples of garden designs. So that you will become excited, both about us and
about your garden!

Frank Blom Hoveniers | Berrie 6 | 1724 BB OUDKARSPEL | +31(0)226-34 44 46 |
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